Life - Family - Prosperity - Constitution
Economy & Jobs – Diversity and Opportunity
El Paso is positioned at the Center of the Future of the Americas. I believe every job is essential and every job will feed someone.
I will:
  • Help El Paso go to the front of the line for jobs with USMCA in effect
  • Help restore manufacturing in El Paso to open the door for opportunities for the largest bilingual, binational workforce in North America
  • Help market El Paso as the Gateway to Latin America and the World to position El Paso in the global marketplace, help local businesses identify international trade opportunities and attract foreign investments
  • Help promote partnerships and explore opportunities for collaboration with local businesses
Fort Bliss – Preserve and Advance
Fort Bliss, the global leader in military preparedness and readiness, is home to more than 30,000 soldiers, with an estimated annual economic impact of $25 billion on the Texas economy. Fort Bliss is a key driver of the El Paso economy. The unique relationship between El Paso and Fort Bliss make us “One Team.”
I will:
  • Support and foster the special relationship between Fort Bliss & El Paso
  • Seek to retain Fort Bliss talent in El Paso upon retirement
Life - Life at Conception, NO EXCEPTION.
My life has been dedicated to ending the ripping apart of babies in their mother’s wombs. 
I will: 
  • Support laws that protect preborn children, the most vulnerable among us 
  • Stop government funding of the multimillion-dollar abortion mill industry
  • Protect society from euthanasia, cloning, population control, and human genetic engineering by supporting laws to protect our society from such practices and policies that endanger innocent human life.
Veterans - Keeping Promises Made
As the wife of a Navy veteran, I am concerned that we keep our promises to our veterans. We owe them a debt of gratitude.
I will:
  • Support high quality mental health care for veterans and their families
  • Ensure veterans have health care and benefits earned upon discharge
  • Identify problems within the VA, improve the quality of service care
Border Security - Borders Define Our Sovereignty
Our national sovereignty depends on having clearly defined, secure borders. 
I will:
  • Give agents on the frontlines the support, equipment, and training to do their job and fulfill their oath to protect and secure our borders  
Law Enforcement - Defend NOT Defund
Our Founding Fathers created a unique form of government rooted in the rule of law. Law enforcement officers are the thin line between order and chaos.
I will:
  • Restore honor and End vilification of innocent officers in law enforcement
  • Fund law enforcement agencies/departments to have adequate resources and manpower to fulfill their constitutional responsibility to restrain evil 
Tax Relief - No More Legal Plunder
El Pasoans are united against the unjustrising cost of property and other taxes.
I will:
  • Ensure El Pasoans keep more hard earned money through tax cuts 
  • Stop raising taxes to fund frivolous spending in Washington
Healthcare - End the Monopoly (No Single Payer)
Health insurance should not be either mandatory or withheld from any person willing and able to purchase the plan of their choice.
I will:
  • Ensure insurance companies compete for customers, lower costs, and provide higher quality service
  • Lower soaring deductibles and copays
  • Encourage strong job market where health insurance is included

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